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As non-profit organization and event organizers, we we wish to make sure that everyone - and we mean EVERYONE - is able to attend equally with no worries of travel restrictions nor any "hidden" costs. Everyone is treated equally and has access to all the content and networking opportunities across the event programs we organize.


With our community efforts and the partnerships, we are able to make this possible. 

Why free?

Creating an event with differently priced tickets automatically creates a class-system that we have seen how it may systematically effect students, individuals from marginalized groups, young teams and indie developers in reaching their full potential in networking and learning resources at other events and conferences targeted to game developers. This is why a price for a ticket is something we wish to avoid in order to serve everyone equally, therefore we believe having a free to attend system welcomes everyone no matter of the position or seniority in the games industry.

Let's Make A Change

Here are some ways you can contribute:


In Person

Help us as a volunteer!


Become a moderator at our Discord server!

Partner & Sponsor

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