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Welcome to WLG INDIE ALLIANCE program with mission to support independent game developers and DEI goals in games industry globally. ​The aim of the program is to empower independent developers to grow together through cross-promoting, collaborating and community support! 

How to become a member of WLG Indie Alliance?

Teams and solo developers can join the WLG Indie Alliance for FREE by signing up though "JOIN WLG INDIE ALLIENCE" button bellow.


What are the benefits and activities of the program?

By joining our global community of independent developers, you will gain access to numerous partnership opportunities to help you with the following:

💜 Marketing and business strategies

💜 Funding calls and pitching

💜 Cross-collaboration with other indies across the globe 

💜 Access to both WLG Discord and Forum where the program is facilitated

What are the requirements to join the program?

To join the WLG Indie Alliance you need to fulfill following:


💜 Either as a solo developer or a team, it is not mandatory to have a registered legal entity/company (it is preferable for faster approval process), submit the proposal that includes the reasons why you wish to join and how you wish to contribute to the indiedev community.  

💜 Have at least one game made in the past as a solo developer or a team that you are applying as, can be a game jam game or a school project - as long as it is playable and available on the market (regardless of the platform).

💜 In case your team has formed from school projects and are still in the process of registering as a company, please provide a reference/recommendation by your school representative that supervised your work. If you have graduated and participated in any of the accelerators, you can provide the reference from the program facilitator or certificate of completing the accelerator program.

Each application is going through the screening review and interview process.

Do you wish to support our mission?

We welcome the paid membership fee for both individuals and organizations, as a volunteer-driven and non-profit organization this support will be solely used in developing our programs and content for everyone in our global community!

In case you have any questions, or need assistance in completing your membership sign up, please do not hesitate to contact our Chairperson, Natasha Skult (

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