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W Love Games Excellence Award is the addition of a new award category at the Finnish Game Industry Awards ceremony. This award category aims to celebrate and recognize the outstanding contributions of indie game developers who have pushed the boundaries of game design with unconventional approaches, while also embracing diversity and accessibility within their development practices and teamwork.

Highlighting Unconventional Game Design

Indie game developers have long been at the forefront of experimenting with new and unconventional game design approaches. This award category will acknowledge and celebrate games that have taken creative risks, broken traditional molds, and redefined the gaming experience.

Embracing Diversity

Diversity in game development is crucial for fostering innovation, accessibility and representing a wide range of perspectives. By focusing on indie games with diverse development teams, we encourage and celebrate inclusivity within the Finnish game industry.

Promoting Indie Game Development

Recognizing innovative indie games is essential to inspire and support the independent game development community in Finland. It showcases that groundbreaking games can come from small, passionate teams.

Award Criteria

The game should exhibit unique and inventive game design elements that challenge conventional gaming norms and provide players with an accessible, fresh and memorable experience. The development team behind the game should reflect diversity in terms of gender, ethnicity, background, or other aspects, showcasing the industry's commitment to inclusivity. The game should have made a significant impact on the gaming community and received recognition for its innovation and contribution to the indie game scene.


The addition, the "Indie Game Excellence Award" will not only celebrate the diversity and creativity of the
Finnish game industry but also inspire future generations of indie game developers to push the
boundaries of game design, accessibility and diversifying teams. By recognizing and promoting these
exceptional indie games and their creators, we can further enhance Finland's position as a hub for
innovative and inclusive game development being a globally recognized success.

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WLG Indie Game Alliance

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