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This year we will have diverse workshops which will cover exciting topics on leadership, networking, accessibility, diversity, as well as art and tech tips and tricks! Meet the brilliant minds behind them.

"Communicating with Empathy" - Elodie Meste / Yahaha

More info coming soon...

All Hands In_edited.jpg

3D Art Workshop - Jani Kahrama / Secret Exit

This workshop is high-in-fiber 3D graphics using good old box modeling combined with PBR-shaded vertex colors, based on our open-source Blender add-on called SX Tools:

3D Swirl

Office accessibility workshop - Licia Prehn / Next Games

More info coming soon...

Controller Device

Name Material creation for games in substance designer - by Syed Safeer Abbas Rizvi / RedHill Games

More info coming soon...

Gradient Shades

How to use conscious influence communication in tricky team communication situations - Anu Timmerbacka and Estève Pannetier, Green Elephant

After attending this talk and workshop, you are able to:
● Understand the theory behind Influence Communication.
● The workshop gives you a solid overview of the GBR method, its value, and its potential.
● You will learn how to consciously recognise and choose the right timing and proportion of each type of
conversation regardless of the situation.
● You will be able to analyse your behaviour and consciously choose your behaviourin future
communication situations.
● You will learn powerful techniques such as Accusation Audit, Mirroring and Unlocking Questions.
These will create smoother negotiations, fewer conflicts and misunderstandings, better quality
customer service, increased sales, and more positive work culture.
● You can immediately use the learnt techniques in your work and personal life.

Support Group
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